5 Rowing Workouts to Get You Ripped

Those who would like to build muscle mass in a short period of time need to go for the right fitness device and the rowing machine will definitely help them successfully achieve their goal. A survey of the best rowing machines will reveal the highest rated models that are the most appropriate for building muscles. For the best results, we chose to use the Concept2 Model D rower thanks to its ease of use and the great resistance that engages many muscles during the workout. If you actually want to maximize your results, then you need to go for the following 5 rowing workouts to get you ripped.

1. Workout 1

When it comes to the directions, what you actually need to do is to complete the rowing in about 60 seconds. Then you need to rest for about 1 minute and go for another 10 rounds. The workout itself involves rowing for 250 meters and then rest for 1 minute. The entire process will take you 20 minutes, which is certainly not a very long time. Therefore, even a busy person can still go for this workout, which will help you burn fat with ease and it will also keep your heart rate up.

2. Workout 2

Another rowing workout that will help you achieve your goal is the one that involves rowing 1.000 meters. Furthermore, you must do this in only 6 minutes, which means that you actually need to exercise extremely intense. You could also consider performing an all-out sprint of burpees, in case you finish this exercise earlier.

3. Workout 3

What you actually need to do, when it comes to this type of workout is to perform row and kettlebell swings. Furthermore, you also need to perform sit-ups. Once you do so, you need to rest for one minute. Then repeat for about 4 rounds. Keep in mind that it is essential to challenge yourself each round in order to move faster and maximize your results.

4. Workout 4

Once you finish rowing, it is highly recommended to do some pushups. Do not forget to rest between sessions. What you actually need to do is to row 1.000 meters, do 20 hand-release pushups, row for 750 meters, do 30 hand-release pushups, row for 500 meters, do 40 hand-release pushups, row for 250 meters, and then do another 50 hand-release pushups. By doing so, you will certainly obtain only positive results.

5. Workout 5

Even if it is the last on our list, this is without a doubt one of the best 5 rowing workouts to get you ripped, that will certainly help you achieve your goal. Here is what you need to do: 50 air squats, 25-calorie row, 40 Russian kettlebell swings, 20-calorie row, 30 sit ups, 15-calorie row, 20 pushups, 10-calorie row, and 10 burpees as well. Keep in mind that one of the best fitness devices for this type of workouts is the Best Concept2 rowing machine.