A Man’s Guide to a Perfect Manly Manicure

Every man who respects himself must have a perfect manly manicure. It’s not difficult at all to cut your nails and take care of your hands – the more often you do it the better. However, there is a limit for all of this – the moment when you hurt yourself until you bleed. Don’t be too harsh on you, it’s better to have your nails a little longer then to cut them so short that they bleed. This is what you will need to prepare for a perfect manly manicure:

  • bowl of hot water – you could put a little liquid soap in it in order to help you remove the dirt off your hands
  • nail scissors and nail clippers
  • nail buffer
  • nail file

Bowl of hot water

You will need to soak your fingers into the bowl with hot water and leave them there for a few long minutes. The effect will be that your cuticles will get soft and your nail will be easier to cut as well. Do you prefer to cut your cuticles or do you prefer to push them towards the root or your fingers. You should know that once you choose to cut your cuticles you will have to do this on a regular basis. Of course that you also have the option to take good care of them and use special oils in order to moisturize them but that would be like taking the master degree in manicure and you probably don’t need that.

Nail scissors and nail clippers

Are you a scissors guy or do you prefer the clippers? The only way to find out is to try it – cut your fingernails one time using the nail scissors and one time using the nail clippers and see which one you like the best.

Nail file

Cutting your nails leaves them edgy and you may not feel so comfortable with them like that. Using a nail file will make their edges soften a little and not be so uncomfortable anymore.

Cuticle remover tool or pointy orange stick

These manicure tools will help you take care of your thick cuticles. We recommend you to choose the pointy orange stick because it will be more easier and more safe for you to do that.

Nail buffer

A nail buffer is a special manicure tool that you could use in order to make your fingernails shine. You could use the nail buffer by itself by doing left and right movements on the surface of each of your nails or you can lubricate it with some special moisturizing manicure oils when you do this.

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