Are you ready to be a father?

Fatherhood is portrayed by the media as an accident. There’s no such thing as a male ‘biological clock’. After all, parenthood is about dual responsibility, but in the commotion of announcing a pregnancy, the father is sometimes overlooked. Fatherhood is a job that you will have to carry all your life, so this is why you have to be both mentally and financially qualified for the job of a father. But what do you think, are you ready for fatherhood?

Below are some facts that might expose whether or not you ready to be a father.

You are already committed

You have found the suitable person to start a family with and you have a long term relationship. You both feel it is time to bring a new life into this world. If you think that you still have a lot to do, like travel or start a business together, consider having a child after you both settle down and live in a harmonious environment. Also, don’t try to fix any existing disputes you have with your partner by having a baby together; it can make matters worse or exacerbate your existing unresolved issues.

You are more rational

Your financial plans involve a family because you realized money can be spent on something more important. For example, instead of buying an expensive car you opt for a more spacious and practical car. You contemplate moving in a house in the suburbs, rather than settling down in the downtown condo. The only explanation for this is that you feel committed to have a child.

You are open-minded

You respect others opinions and are unprejudiced. When you and your partner discuss the idea of having a baby and staring a family together, you take in consideration what your partner has to say. Maybe she wants to wait a little longer or she has in mind other factors that might deter her from making a final decision. You want to make sure you’re not doing this only for yourself.

You have established your priorities

The decision to bring a child into the world can be highly demanding when you’re facing difficulties at work or if you don’t have a stable workplace. As an individual, make sure you can be responsible for another human being life, that you can provide for your baby, so that he can have a good start in life. Once you’ve accomplished your goals, the decision becomes easier.

You feel it’s about time

You don’t become more mature as time goes by, it doesn’t have anything to do with age. The reality is that being a father requires understanding,composure and tolerance. When taking such fundamental decisions, as bringing a life into the world, you must stop for a moment and just take a good look at yourself. After all, the best way to be a good father to your future children is to wait until you feel prepared in every way, financially or emotionally.

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