Best Destinations for a Romantic Getaway in Italy with your Girlfriend

Of all the countries worldwide, Italy seems to be the most romantic. Surrounded mostly by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, generously basking in the rays of the sun, Italy easily conquers you through her music, by the scent of her flowers or the Mediterranean flavors of Italian cuisine. Here are some of the most romantic destinations for a getaway with your girlfriend.

The romantic Capri Island

Capri is a rocky island, bathed in the Tyrrhenian Sea located south of the Campania region in Italy and south of the Gulf of Naples, beyond the Sorrento peninsula. A place taken out of a movie, filled with ancient artifacts and legends of charming mermaids who lured sailors. Whether you decide to climb the Mount Solaro chairlift, or you choose a boat ride around the island in Grotta Azzurro, or if you have decided to explore the small island on foot, strolling through the Gardens of Augustus or Via Krupp in Capri, you will live unforgettable moments. The Umberto I Piazzetta is the most bohemian place from Roman times until today and the most central place in town, where tourists and VIPs meet, because Capri is famous for receiving artists and many famous personalities from all over the world. However, in Capri romance is very expensive, but when you arrive in this corner of paradise with your loved one, this detail should not count.

The wonderful Rome

Since ‘All roads lead to Rome’, it would be a pity not to take your girlfriend for a romantic getaway in Rome. Whatever the season, the Italian capital continues to be an exciting and romantic place at the same time. From the symbolic places of Rome such as the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Mouth of Truth, to the modern hotels, restaurants and shops, Rome is still a dream destination for lovers. You can discover Rome on the go, taking the ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ tourist bus and delight yourself on the bohemian street terraces that are filled with romance. Since Rome has so many attractions, check out the Rome article on so that you can select the attractions which most suit your personality.

The magical Venice

An irresistible destination for lovers, that will reveal its charm once you get there. The best time of the year to visit Venice is during the Venice Carnival, when you will discover the joy, emotions and romance that float in the air of this beautiful city. Whether you’re on the street, in a gondola or in the stores, you can feel the special carnival mood everywhere, which makes you think you are living a never-ending fairytale. Go up the Campanilla Tower to have Venice at your feet and admire the Venetian lagoon, then take a padlock and go to Ponte della’Academia and lock the padlock together with the other thousands left here by other lovers. It is truly magical to walk on the Grand Canal at night, especially on a beautiful night with a full moon, but more romantic is to choose a gondola. Do not forget to go for a walk under the Bridge of Sighs, while embracing your girlfriend, then have a romantic dinner at a restaurant on the canal bank, or let your imagination fly and do whatever your heart tells you to do.

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