Best Mens Haircuts for Each Face Shape

Hair trends change very fast, but not all hairstyles can suit all men. Furthermore, the biggest mistake that you can do is get a haircut without considering the shape of your face, because no matter how fashionable a hairdo might be, it might not look good with a certain face shape. So, here is a guide that will help you choose between mens haircuts that can match your features.

Oblong face shape

The oblong face shape requires styling your hair in a way that would make your face look wider. Therefore, you should eliminate the idea of adding length on top and cutting the sides short, no matter how trendy it might be, because it won’t flatter your figure. The best thing you can do is style your hair onto your face to decrease length and soften your appearance.

Oval face shape

Considered the most permissive face shape, an oval face allows any type of hairstyle because it has well-balanced proportions that support haircuts in any length and shape. So, if you have an oval shape, you can consider yourself lucky, as you can wear your hair long, short, onto or off your face.

Square face shape

Men with a square face are considered more masculine and stronger, which is why guys with softer features choose hairdos that will make their face more angular. In order to highlight a strong jawline, men who have a square face shape should opt for a classic, short haircut, and they should avoid a full length, heavy fringe.

Round face shape

Choosing a haircut that can be styled with a bit of height is the key to adding more balance to a round face. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a spiky hairdo or any other hairdo that adds volume to the top of your head. If you have curly hair, you might want to consider a flat iron as curly hair will make your face seem even rounder than it actually is.

Diamond face shape

Men with prominent, strong cheekbones and narrow chins and foreheads should avoid straight, tight haircuts, as that will only highlight an irregular face shape. Instead of short haircuts, they should opt for wavy hairstyles that can add some length to the face, because that will make the forehead look wider, and it will reduce the aspect of a diamond face shape.

Triangle face shape

Since triangle face shapes are wider at the temples, they should be balanced with long hairstyles. Short hairdos can only bring into prominence the upper area of the face, so if you decide for a military haircut, you should also try to grow a short beard to draw attention to the lower part of the face, and to maintain proportions.

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