Celebrity Mens Style Icons

Men’s fashion has been marked by men who, accidentally or on purpose, dressed in ways that influenced the appearance of other men around them, men whose clothing style turned them into undeniable mens style icons. These men remained in the history of fashion or keep dictating the actual trends for fans all over the world.

Vittorio De Sica

Born in the Lazio region of Italy, Vittorio De Sica grew up in a poor family in Naples. De Sica starred in over 100 films and directed 30 others. He was an important representative of the neo-realism interwoven with a strong sentimentalist tinge. De Sica was known for his ease in combining the outfits, being a real dandy who loved to wear costumes created by Vincenzo Attolini from the Gennaro Rubbinaci store.

Clark Gable

Style has no age and Clark Gable proved it for men world wide. The classic image of the gentleman, with impeccable outfits and strong attitude made him one of the most appreciated mens style icons from all times. The role from “Gone with the wind” also brought him the title of “King of Hollywood”.

Alain Delon

Alain Delon debuted in cinema when he was 23 years old. His career has experienced a rapid growth, as he was soon compared with other famous French actors like Gérard Philipe and Jean Marais. Always elegant and trendy, Alain Delon proved that he can be as elegant no matter the situation, and the movies “Le Samourai” (1967) and “Lost Command” (1966) have shown this.

Johnny Depp

One of the more actual role models is considered to be Johnny Depp, whose elegance, lightness and ease in combining clothes have propelled him to the top of mens style icons. With his bad boy attitude while being classy and stylish at the same time, wearing hats and displaying a flawless look, the famous actor from “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Edward scissor hands” managed to gain his place among the most versatile fashion icons.

David Beckham

David Beckham, probably one of the most famous British football players, has managed to put its mark on both the sport and fashion fields, through a continuous evolution in both areas. The ease with which “Becks” creates his own style propels him to a leading position among the most respected mens style icons. After a tough start with rather dubious fashion choices, David has gradually improved his style and started taking credit for revolutionizing men vision on fashion. An important factor in creating and developing the fashion style of David was the presence of his wife Victoria Beckham. The two became the image of various fashion designers and perfumes and cosmetics brands.

As you can see, despite the fact that they have different styles, all of these men are considered timeless style icons. The truth is that any man can look stylish with a few simple tips. For starters, you should only buy clothes that suit your perfectly. Moreover, you must never walk around with wrinkled clothes. If you are not fond of ironing, get a handheld clothes steamer which will eliminate wrinkles a lot faster. A handheld clothes steamer works on all types of clothes, but it will particularly useful when it comes to pretentious fabrics. Aside from wear fit, wrinkle-free clothes, a stylish man must also have a strong attitude. Always stand tall and look into people’s eye’s when talking to them. Don’t spend too much time following the latest fashion trends, as fashion is fleeting but style is timeless.

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