How to Avoid Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is always unpleasant for every driver, and they would do anything to avoid them. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to drive slowly, although sometimes it is impossible and you have to push the pedal a little too much. can either drive. From tactics like denial and taking the case to court to installing a useful radar detector on your car, there are some tips that can keep you away from nasty speeding tickets.

Install a radar detector on your car

A great way of avoiding speeding tickets is to install a radar detector on your car. This useful device is perfectly legal as it does not interfere with the police’s radar machines like the anti-radars, but uses ultrasound waves to detect the waves emitted by the police radars, and sends a signal back to you, to let you know there is a radar in your path and you should slow down. Many types of radars have maps included with the main spots where radars are placed, so that you will be able to drive safely without the danger of getting a speeding ticket. If you do a little research on, you will definitely find an affordable detector that will help you avoid radars. Some smartphones even have applications that can let you know whether there is a radar in your way or not.

Keep your car clean and decent

The way your car looks says much about you and can even save you from a speeding ticket. If you have a clean, neat and nice looking car, the officer is more likely to let you walk away with only a warning. But if your car screams”I hate police and I love to speed” instead of “I am a responsible citizen who made a little mistake”, the police officer can decide to give you a ticket before even arriving near your car.

Wave at the police officer

If you are driving a little too fast and you see a police car hiding somewhere in the bushes, a good tactic is to ave at the police officer. Once you do that, they will either think you know them and let you get away with it, or understand that you are aware of your fast driving and slowing down.

Never admit you were speeding

If you are being pulled over by a police officer for driving too fast, never acknowledge that you were speeding, but say that you were not aware of the speed you were going at the time. A rhetoric question like”What is the problem, officer?” will not help you, neither will the high tone nor rudeness.

Postpone your court date as much as possible

If you didn’t manage to convince the officer to let you go without a speeding ticket, you can challenge it in court. Try to postpone your court date as long as possible, so that the officer will forget the circumstances of your error. The more time passes, more chances are that the case against you will be dropped.

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