How to Buy a Suit that Fits

Special occasions require elegant outfits, which is why all men should have at least two suits in their wardrobe. Still, if you are a stylish man who likes to keep up with the latest fashion tendencies, you won’t be able to stick with just two elegant garments, and you will search for new opportunities to upgrade your wardrobe. However, most men don’t know how to buy a suit that fits. If you find yourself in the same situation, you should consider the following clothes shopping tips.

The Shoulders

Well-fitted shoulders should lie flat, and they should unite with the sleeves exactly where they meet your arms. Keep in mind that the seam which unites the sleeve with the jacket should never dangle down on your bicep, because that can prevent the jacket from sitting properly, and it can ruin your entire aspect. So, if the top of your jacket presents lumps and wrinkles, that is a sign that you need to look for something smaller that can suit your better. This trick will help you learn faster how to buy a suit that fits.

The Seat

The back of your pants shouldn’t pull tight against your bottom, but it shouldn’t hang loosely either. If you want to learn how to buy a suit that fits, you need to pay attention to the way a bad fit in the seat can lead to the appearance of wrinkles right under your rear end. Horizontal wrinkles under your buttocks are the result of a tight pair of trousers, so no matter how fashionable this style might be, it is not suited for an elegant occasion.

The Jacket Closure

Every man knows that when you are wearing a suit, the jacket of your suit must be buttoned when you are standing. So, it is very important to find a jacket that can close nicely over your body. In order to find out if the two sides of the jacket combine without the lapels hanging too loose, you have to close your jacket with just one button when you are trying a new suit. Furthermore, this trick will also allow you to see if the jacket’s lower edges are flaring like a skirt, which might indicate that you need to find a jacket that is less tight.

The Sleeve Length

Despite the fact that we left this tip for the end: it is one of the most important clothes shopping tips for men. There is only one rule that you need to respect when trying to determine the right length of a jacket’s sleeve: you must see if the sleeve terminates above the large bone in your wrist. If you can’t find the right sleeve length, you should opt for a jacket with a long sleeve, and then ask a tailor to adjust it to your arm’s length.

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