How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Wear Less Makeup

Whether you believe that the amount of makeup is covering her natural beauty or that it’s making her look like a complete different person, finding a way to convince her to use less makeup is not always easy. However, it doesn’t hurt to try. Check out these 5 tips on how to convince your girlfriend to wear less makeup.

1. Make her feel beautiful without makeup

Maybe the reason she is wearing so much makeup is because she doesn’t feel good about the way she looks. Make her embrace her flaws. Tell her how much you love her freckles or her birthmark and that covering them will take away from her charm.

Maybe you haven’t taken the time to tell her how beautiful she really is because she always wears make-up. The perfect time to make her realize how wonderful she looks without makeup is in the morning before getting up, or at night, after she washes her face.

2.Maker her realize that it’s time-consuming

Many women often make superhuman efforts in order to highlight their features and achieve the perfect makeup look. A true work of art can be completed in a few hours. In fact, makeup is considered by experts to be a waste of time. This being said, try to convince her that an hour spent in the bathroom is less important than an hour spent in the morning with you, or with her kids.

3. Expose the dangers with wearing too much make-up

Many women do not realize that they are exposed to great danger when they wear excessive makeup. Their skin loses its natural glow and it becomes dry or too oily in some cases. Some ingredients in makeup products such as preservatives, fragrances, artificial colors and in general chemicals damage the skin. It’s pretty ironic that makeup promise girls to have a flawless complexion and instead, they manage to get the opposite results. The chemical compounds that make-up contains contribute to the appearance of visible wrinkles.

4. Compliment her inner beauty

Compliment her on her inner beauty; it is more important than her outer beauty. Let your girlfriend know what you like about her. Maybe she’s intelligent, a good listener or very dynamic. Make her feel like a beautiful person inside and out by complementing her qualities.

This way she’ll start to feel more confident about herself. When she realizes that beauty isn’t skin deep, she won’t feel the need to wear a lot of make-up in order to impress others.

5. Tell her that there other alternatives to make-up

The majority of women do not have thick and long eyelashes, as they wish. So, they prefer using many coats of mascara or even false lashes. The bad news is that using these methods can damage the lashes; the good news is that there are products, such as the best rated eyelash growth serum products, that can help them attain the ideal eyelashes. The best rated eyelash growth serum contains ingredients that make the eyelashes longer and stronger. Maybe a good idea would be to offer her an eyelash growth serum as a gift. This way she’ll realize that she doesn’t have to wear so much make-up, because there are much safer ways to enhance her natural beauty.

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