How to Create a Man Cave in the Garage

Men are creative and most of them are good at doing a lot of things by themselves, using old items and objects that they don’t use anymore. Plus, both men and women sometimes need to spend time alone in a place that makes them feel detached. Have you ever thought to convert the garage into a place just for yourself? Like a man cave, for example. A place where you can spend your Sundays with your friend, watching a football game, or playing something? We have few ideas for you, check them out!

Creating a man cave

Start with basic things

    • Create a plan

First of all, in order to start rearranging the garage, you must know what kind of furniture you want inside, in order to know how you to organize and personalize the space. Maybe you want to place a pool table or gaming devices, there a lot of ideas, it’s your choice what „theme” your cave will have. Start measuring the space, make a list of things you want to put inside, and depending on your ideas, write down the materials that you are going to need before getting into work.

    • Clear the area and check the walls, floor and ceiling

You need to remove all the stuff from the garage, but in an organized manner, put all the things that you are not going to use in boxes and find a place where you can store them. Then you need to start checking if the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are in good condition or need little reparations, like plumbing or electrical. Depending on each case, see if the walls need to be insulated, because this is important, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time there. This will help you keep your cave heated during cold seasons and cold during summer. Plus, insulating provides an excellent sound-proof, which is even better because you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or any of your family members.
The floor inside garages is generally made of concrete. If you are going to keep the floor like that, you might need some large carpets, because concrete can get really cold and you will not enjoy freezing feet. Depending on your budget, you can consider choosing another flooring option, maybe more comfortable than concrete, but this is up to you.
The ceiling is another concern but if it’s unfinished, you can leave it that way. It is not highly important, but if you don’t like it that way, you can use some drywall and paint to easily finish it. You have to think about this in the first place because you might want to mount a ceiling fan later or maybe you want to store different things up there.

    • Play safe

Besides all your design ideas, you should probably think about securing your cave, especially if you are going to store there valuable objects and furniture, you definitely don’t want unwelcomed people inside. So choose a safe and effective system for your cave’s entrance and be careful with the persons that are allowed inside. In case you already don’t have it, you might choose an automatic garage door opener because it is a secure and convenient method to protect your stuff, that provides an ease of use. It’s inexpensive and helps you save a lot of time and energy, every time you want to access the garage.

Painting and lighting

After finishing with essential arrangements, you can start personalizing your cave. You can pick what color you want for it, but choose one that is water resistant because it is better to be preventive from the beginning. If you are going to do this by yourself, take notice that it’s going to take you some time and also costs. Then, you have to think what type of lighting devices you want to use in order to cover all the area. If you want something modern, then you might be interested in recessed lights, but if you are not interested in something special, you can maybe choose pedants lights that fit with your cave’s design and color scheme. In case you are going to organize poker tournaments, you should probably try something more powerful that is able to illuminate the entire room.

Man cave heating and cooling

In order to enjoy all the time spend in your cave along with your friends, you need to ensure a proper temperature for both cold and warm seasons. The solution is choosing a system that uses a little energy but is reliable and effective in creating a comfortable environment. You can choose window air conditioners, portable AC systems, or even gas or electric heating devices. There are plenty of options for your man cave, but only you can decide what system is better, considering your available space, the design of it and your allocated budget for such an investment.
These are the essential things that must be prepared before starting to furnish the garage and install different devices and personalize it. Depending on your desires, you have many available options which you can choose from, in order to add some style to the place and obtain your most wanted man cave.

Man cave fun-environmental furnishing ideas

    • Pool table;
    • Dartboard;
    • Foosball table;
    • Customized drinking cabinet;
    • Game arcades;
    • Chalkboard game table