Insomnia in Men

Insomnia can hit both women and men. Although it tends to manifest more in women than in men, there is no significative difference between the causes that trigger insomnia in men or in women. This is because generally speaking women are more emotional than men and most of the causes of the insomnia are emotionally related.

The causes of the insomnia

Among the causes of the insomnia there are:

  • stress
  • depression
  • medical conditions
  • anxiety
  • poor sleep habits
  • medications
  • caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
  • eating too much late in the evening
  • obesity

In order to pass over insomnia you should reset your body and your mind as well. A man who is preoccupied for an intense important problem may encounter sleeping difficulties – not only the difficulty of falling asleep but the frequent awakenings during the nighttime sleep.

What type of men are more predisposed to insomnia

Men who travel the long distances – the jet lag from traveling across long distances may make you unable to fall asleep fast because your biorhythm is not used with that time.

  • Men who work in changing shifts are predisposed to insomnia because they need to accustom their body with changing sleep schedules.
  • Men who work in very stressful conditions are more likely to experience insomnia because it’s related to anxiety and the stress that the body feels.
  • Health disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder will disrupt sleep.
  • Men who are unable to control their lifestyle – the amount of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol that they take on a daily basis usually end up having sleep difficulties.
  • People who lose control over their healthy habits such as a healthy emotional behavior, a healthy mechanism for stress relief, healthy eating habits, healthy physical exercises habits – they tend to be exposed to insomnia.

Insomnia treatments

There are many insomnia treatments available out there but not all of them are safe. They may help you have a silent night and make the voices in your head shut up for a couple of hours but after you will wake up you will not feel good as after having taken a natural nap. Unlike Alteril, the synthetic sleeping pills don’t cure the real cause of the insomnia but treat only the effects – the lack of sleep. People, men in particular, should first try some natural sleep remedies or else they may develop sexual disturbances that could even lead to impotence. Natural remedies such as Alteril – which is a plants mixture will have no harmful side effects.

Sound therapy is another natural approach to treating insomnia. We are not talking only about relaxing music. Nowadays, you can find sound machines that produce either white noise, other types of rhythmic sounds. The sound machine can be used for either blocking background noises or for creating a relaxing environment. On you can find countless sound machines, analyzed according to their main features. read several sound machine reviews and decide on a unit which satisfies your needs and suits your budget.

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