Interesting Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces

Knowing some hairstyle tricks may make you spend not so much time in front of the mirror anymore every time you want to go out. We present to you some interesting mens hairstyles for round faces and the explained philosophy behind them. You don’t need to look at other men and envy them for their physical features, but instead to try to create the best look out of your personal features.

Tall hair

This is one of the most encountered mens hairstyles for round faces. For the men who have round faces the trick is to make their faces appear longer. The hair must be let to grow and style it by lifting it upwards.

Wet styled hair

If you avoid the tall hair and you prefer having a more elegant look you should make sure that every time you get out of your house you have your hair properly styled. After having applied some hair gel on the wet hair you have to brush it lightly on the back and there will be formed some texturized stripes in your hair.

Messy curly hair

It would be ideal if you lifted up the curly hair and made it look like an extension of your face. The biggest disadvantage is not about the shape of your face but about the fact that you don’t pay enough attention to it – that’s why you need to make a habit of styling it everyday. If your face is more like squared you should have your hair a little long so it can show its beautiful curls. Apply some hair mouse or hair gel every time after you take a bath and dry it carefully so you don’t ruin the curls.

It’s better with no sideburns

The last thing that you want is to highlight your sideburns. A round face is wide enough and you don’t want to get the attention on its size unless you plan to grow your hair and achieve the Frodo look.

Long hair

This haircut is not one of the most flattering mens hairstyles for round faces. If you are or you look like you are over 35 then having long hair is not such a good idea for you. It may look messy and sexy but if you don’t have a perfect weight and a┬áluscious hair you don’t want to risk it. However you don’t have to keep in mind any of these rules if you have a funny personality or if you are a professional comedian.

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