Male Bonding Activities that You and Your Son Can Take Up

What could a greater joy be as a father, than teaching his son how to step in life? The moments that a boy spends near his father can have a great impact in his way of developing his character and personality. You surely remember the moments of bonding with your parents, their best pieces of advice, their good thoughts, honest values, and virtues. You will probably remember them for the rest of your life and it is a great thing because when it comes to your turn, you will teach your kid the same positive things you have learned along the way.
As little girls share their feelings and new life experiences with their mothers, so do boys with their fathers. It is about those “boy-father” moments that men will always cherish and keep inside but apparently comes hard for them to freely talk about. This is the reason why men have other ways of expressing themselves and sharing their feelings with their sons.
Talking about bonding, there are plenty of things and activities that you might want to try doing as a father with your son that will definitely create a strong relationship over the years.

Spend a day fishing

Who can teach you greater and more valuable things than Mother Nature? It is a perfect occasion for you and your son to spend a lot of time together and share feelings and ideas. A perfect occasion for conversation and confession and more. This is a perfect way of teaching your kid to be patient and also develop concentration and why not cooking skills by learning how to prepare a meal by himself.


Playing “a game of catch” would be a great idea of spending some precious moments with your son. Besides the fact that he gets to improve his physical condition, you will spend some time in nature and create conversation. You can both improve your balance and coordination and maybe discover a common hobby.

Go on a camping adventure

Again, this a great opportunity to spend more time in the middle of nature. This is the moment when you can teach him how to start a fire, how to respect and enjoy the values of nature, and why not a couple of surviving skills. Bring along some items like a survival knife, a compass, a map of the area, a flashlight and other stuff and teach him that these objects are very important in surviving and show him how to use them. Show him how many things he can do by using a survival knife, by cutting different pieces of wood that he can finally use to build a fire. Then you can share a lot of scary stories, play around the fire and laugh as hard as you can.

Go to sports events

Men are usually attracted to this kind of activities like football, baseball, basketball, sports games I general. But instead of watching the TV, grab some tickets and go with your son and enjoy the beauty of a real playing game, eating a hot dog while being in the middle of the crowd. This is a great bonding moment which you can use to teach him the value and significance of trust, loyalty, and support. Teach him that winning or losing is not important, but the moments spent during the game, the emotions and interaction with other people are the ones that truly matter. And if you are really lucky, you might have the chance of getting an autograph from the players.

Work on the car together

Of course, it is not desirable to have problems with your car, but when it happens, take advantage of the situation and try using your son’s help to repair it. You will have the opportunity of talking and sharing impressions while teaching him some basic skills about fixing a car. Changing the oil, or the brakes, and using a lot of tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and other specific items will help him learn new useful things and also that is important to repair things first, before easily changing them with new ones.

Play board games

Besides, developing a lot of brain skills and learning to be “fair play”, board games can give you a great chance of having fun, laughing and relaxing. You can play Monopoly, Chess, Checkers and other fun games that besides creating a great atmosphere, teaches him a lot of new rules and help him improve his logical and mathematical skills.


Well, this will definitely change his way of thinking and appreciate more all the things that he has. Helping people in need, not only that teaches him the values of compassion and humbleness, but brings an incredible self-satisfaction and peace of mind. It is all about sharing with others and being grateful for all the things that he receives effortlessly, unlike others that have to make huge sacrifices to obtain even little things.