Male Celebrities Who Resorted to Plastic Surgeries

Aging is something that affects everyone, in more pleasant or unpleasant ways. While women are known for their care to aging and resort to many tricks and procedures to maintain their young aspect, men have started to become concerned about aging as well. In addition to all the female celebrities who called for the help of plastic surgeons to improve their looks, there are also some male celebrities who resorted to plastic surgeries in order to keep looking young and beautiful. If in some cases the procedures did wonders, in other cases they resulted in total disasters. Here are some of the male celebrities who ended under the scalpel.

Mickey Rourke

When you think about male plastic surgeries gone bad, you inevitably think about Mickey Rourke. The three-year career boxer who never lost a fight seemed to have lost the one against botox since his face is deformed and without any expression. The many plastic interventions on his nose and cheeks, along with many injections in the wrinkles have turned him into a plastic-like dummy.

Michael Jackson

The famous King of Pop suffered many surgeries, from various nose jobs to cheek and chin implant and even eyelid surgery. The singer also bleached his entire body skin to look Caucasian, and stated that he suffered from Vertigo, a skin condition that inevitably lightens the skin cells.

Burt Reynolds

Although he only admitted to having had his eyes done, the rumors say that the famous actor and director is a fan of facelifts. However, the tight look of his face and the wrinkle-free skin tend to contradict him.

Simon Cowell

Although not a fan of plastic surgeries, Cowell admitted that he regularly uses Botox injections to smooth his face and that he performs some questionable procedures, such as intravenously taking vitamins to maintain himself young and fresh. You can even say he is doing the right thing since he looks quite normal.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone often compared his body to a car body and said that if you have job done on your car, why not have also on your body. However, he turned out looking like a wrecked car that rolled over in an abyss after so many surgeries he went through.

Wayne Newton

The 70-year-old Las Vegas star has definitely had some work done since he looks so young and wrinkle-free. Although he never admitted any type of plastic surgery, it appears he had a facelift, several Botox injections, a nose job and a cosmetic eye surgery.

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