Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for men to become whoever they want to and their imagination can run wild among the diversity of costume ideas they can think of. From pirates to superheroes to movie characters, there are plenty of roles to play at a Halloween party and here are some of the funniest and most interesting costumes a man can wear.

Sexy actors

Who wouldn’t want to be a famous sexy actor or singer with a lot of female fans who scream their names? Although not everyone can be Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Enrique Iglesias, Halloween is the perfect occasion to become your idol and to impress women. This is your only chance to become your favorite actor and singer and an impersonating Halloween costume will help you achieve the transformation.

Childhood dream came true

Every little boy dreams to be a policeman or a fireman and if you had the same childhood dream you can make it come true for Halloween by choosing a policeman or a fireman costume. Or perhaps you wanted to be a judge, or a doctor, no matter your preferences you will find a costume for you.


Whether you choose to be Spiderman, Batman or Superman, there is a superhero costume waiting for you at a store. Nowadays the range is wider and you can be one of the Avengers like Thor, Iron Man or Captain America, or maybe you want to be the mysterious Arrow.

Cartoon characters

Cartoons have always been of great interest for Halloween parties and you can choose to be either the funny Fred Flintstone, the Mask, the Tin Man or perhaps Scooby Doo or Thomas the cat.

Movie Characters

If you are a fan of successful movies, you can choose a Halloween costume that resembles your favorite movie character. There is a variety of characters to choose from, such as Dracula, Darth Vader, Dumb and Dumber, Captain Hook or pirate Jack Sparrow.

Halloween couple ideas

A great Halloween costume idea is to create a couple with your partner inspired by a famous couple, like Bonnie and Clyde, Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Bam Bam and Pebbles, Morticia and Gomez Addams, Dorothy and Scarecrow or Cleopatra and Cesar.

Spooky Halloween costumes

What better Halloween costume than a frightening character in the spirit of the holiday. Choose a ghost costume, a skeleton one, or a zombie costume and you will definitely scare all your friends.

You can make some of these costumes at home, but most of them are rather complicated and need to be bought. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to discover that a good Halloween costume doesn’t always have to be expensive. On you can find a lot of cheap costumes that will turn your Halloween dreams in reality.

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