Mens Style Shoes for 2015

In 2015, mens style shoes bring novelty and boldness with the help of strong and joyful colors. From casual to formal shoes, the black and brown shades have been replaced with daring shades of cobalt, yellow and burgundy. If you want to be classy and stylish throughout the entire year, here are the footwear trends you must follow.

Tie your laces

The laces are some popular elements for a few seasons now, especially ideal for more formal and elegant outfits. But this year, shoe laces are allowed in other shades, others than traditional grays, browns, and blacks. These colors add a contemporary alternative to smart-casual or formal outfits while keeping the impression of elegance.

Keep it casual

Espadrilles become very popular mens style shoes because of their lightness and versatility that make them perfect for various outfits and times of the day. Strong shades of color turn these already summer shoes into even more summer appropriate alternatives.

Wash the deck

The famous deck shoes inspired from the sailors’ outfits have been reinvented for the 2015 mens fashion shoes. The urban fashion embraces this type of footwear because of their comfort and easy match in different outfits. Designers propose deck shoes in strong colors, warm and pastel shades and even in neutral colors. These shoes go perfectly with Chinos type trousers, denim shirts, tweed jackets and quilted jackets.

Chelsea boots

These boots are, without a doubt, the stars of the mens style shoes, being versatile and comfortable. Created in clean lines with a special attention to the details,these boots are ideal for matching your work outfits during the week, but also fit the weekend perfectly, as they can be used with black jeans, a simple shirt and a black biker jacket that is ideal for the night. Boots cross the border of winter footwear thanks to designers who present boots that are perfect for spring and summer, in strong cobalt and orange shades that will give personality to your spring outfits.

Bet on the traditional

For those who do not want to attract too much attention on their feet, there are some simple mens fashion shoes available, featuring applications in strong colors, namely the same traditional gray or black shoes with orange or red insertions. Other traditional models of boots that are popular this year are the brogue boots, a smart-casual option, especially the brown ones, that are perfect for individualizing your outfit and highlighting the slight differences of shades.

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