Relationship Tips for Married Men

If your goal is to have a long-lasting marriage, make sure to make your relationship a priority and take responsibility for your actions. A happy marriage means supporting each other in all ways. Each and every couple will experience both happy times and hard times. According to the latest statistics, a third of all marriages end in divorce, even though everybody hopes it will last forever. In order to avoid being part of the unhappy third part of all marriages, try the following tips for a balanced and happy marriage.

1. Put your marriage first

There are two aspects that contribute to the longevity of a marriage: respect and understanding. Even though you are a team, you are also responsible in a profound way for the part you play in the relationship. You can still reach for your goals, but maybe they will take longer to happen because you decided to help your spouse care for her elderly mother or perform better at work. Nothing is more important than the relationship a man and his wife have.

2. Don’t change your spouse

In a general way, the problems you have with your spouse are problems that you have with yourself. Therefore, changing your partner will only lead to a considerable waste of effort. In addition, no one likes to receive the “you’re not good enough” message. Instead, take a hard look at yourself and focus on changing yourself.

3. Listen

For a woman, it is important to know that her partner is able to give her his full attention while looking directly into her eyes. When this happens, she becomes more responsive and open-minded to the husband’s needs. Next time you argue with your wife drop the blaming and focus on listening.

4. Appreciate her

Leave her notes, or compliment her. It will eventually make her acknowledge her qualities, rise her self-esteem and feel closer to you knowing that you want to feel close to her. Never take your wife for granted.

5. Be a team

Instead saying “I” or “you”, say “we”. Past research has shown that couples that say “we” are better at dealing with conflicts. Establishing a healthy union is not always easy but it turns out to be very beneficial in the end.

6. Hire a babysitter

Having children means dedicating all your time to them, leaving you with no private time for yourselves. Once in a while, try leaving your children with a family member or a babysitter and do something that will strengthen the bond that you share with your spouse such as having dinner at your favorite restaurant or going to the cinema or to a concert.

7. Live your own life

It is important for women to understand that a man needs his own time and space in order for him to disconnect from stressful situations, such as work. Set aside a poker night for yourself, join your friends to your favorite sport match or have a night out for a drink. Remain happy and peaceful in your marriage by reserving some valuable time to yourself. Your primary activity should be directed to living your own life, otherwise you will end up focusing too much on your partner.

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