Should You Dye Your Gray Hair?

Hair dying is a procedure often used by women who want to change their hair color, maintain the beauty and shine of their hair or hiding the gray hairs that appear in time. However, men also call for this process, especially when they want to cover their gray hair and look younger. If you are starting to notice your first gray hairs, find out if you really want to hide them or if you are willing to enjoy these “wisdom signs”.

Choose a natural hair color

If you are looking for covering your gray hairs, the first thing you should take into account is that the color you choose to apply on your hair must be very natural and should be very close to your original hair color, in order to avoid a false and ugly look. Although women are allowed to drastically change their color, this can look unnatural and bizarre for a man, especially on an older one. Imagine yourself with a fiery red hair instead of your black natural hair and you will certainly not be satisfied.

Maintain the color of the dyed hair

Since the hair is constantly growing, it is obvious that the color should be maintained once you have decided to dye your hair. There is no rule regarding how often the hair should be painted, it is a matter of the speed of growth. After once applying the hair dye on the entire hair length, you can stick to only dying the roots when they grow, to avoid an untidy aspect. If you want to give up on the hair dyeing, you should cut off the hair that has already been dyed and let your natural hair grow.

The dyed hair’s special care

If you decide to dye your gray hair, you should take into account the maintenance and the special care needed by dyed hair. Care slightly different from natural hair is needed, such as hair masks or serums, but in many cases you can maintain the brightness by only using a special shampoo and hair conditioner for dyed hair. This can be a burden for men who are not used to applying care products on their hair, but it is best for keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Enjoy your gray hair like the celebrities do

Men with gray hair have always been considered sexy and attractive, with a wise and mysterious air, therefore, you can learn to appreciate and value your gray hairs. If you take, for example, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan or Richard Gere, you will notice how they turned their gray hair into an advantage that has made many women sigh for them. Instead of letting age put a mark on them, these handsome men decided to take advantage of their aging and became a model of attractive, wise and experienced men who know how to treat a lady.

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