The Manliest Dog Breeds

For men, having a pet is like having a car: it must be beautiful, impressive and personal. While women prefer small and fragile pets, men want big, strong and aggressive types that would rather run in the park and chase cats instead of cuddling in bed on soft pillows, or small dogs that are energetic and playful. If you are a man looking for a dog that is right for you, or if you want to offer a dog to a man and you don’t want to choose an inappropriate breed, here are some of the manliest dog breeds and how you can learn to control them.


The Amstaff is an impressive, loyal and protective dog, easy to train and obedient. In addition, it differs from other breeds by its incredible resistance to pain. On the other hand, the Amstaff is a very good family dog, it loves children, but does not tolerate the strangers and can be aggressive with them. For this reason, you should try to let it socialize since it is a pup, and if it still has aggressive tendencies, you should not let it stay around strangers and children, at least not without a muzzle.


Most times, when you see a rottweiler, at the end of the leash you expect to see a tough guy, and so it happens. The rottweiler is a slightly more aggressive breed, especially if they are not trained, but it is a very good dog for security and protection. This strong, intimidating and tough dog is certainly a manly breed.


This huge and imposing dog was used as a hunting dog and protective. He is obviously a manly dog that is excited to patrol its area and to guard the family. It is best to keep the Mastiff free outdoors, but it needs company.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small black and white terrier, that loves to make you laugh. After short periods of activity, the Boston Terrier loves to cuddle on the couch watching your favorite show on TV. Obedient and loyal, it is a good watchdog and a faithful house pet. Although these aren’t big dogs, Boston terriers are quite robust and manly dogs in a funny way.


This breed likes to hunt and play, but also prefers long rounds of sleep or lazy. Even if it is a medium size friendly dog, it is one of the top choices for men in terms of dog breeds. However, if you plan to keep it in an apartment, you should know that it is a stubborn dog with a lot of personality and that loves to bark when you are not paying attention to it. For the peace of your house and your neighbors, you can get a bark collar that will control the sudden barking of your dog through electric impulses and will let it know when it is not right to bark.

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