The smart choice for safety – Men’s Safety Wear for Work

People have different jobs, where they have different obligations and must obey various rules. No matter we are talking about a desk job or a job inside a factory, both of them follow a specific internal set of regulations and health rules. Because men are generally more capable of doing things that involve a stronger physical force than women, they are usually the ones that work in places where physical injuries are at high risks.
Of course, depending on each company’s profile and work conditions, there are strict regulations that come to force all employees to wear specific protection equipment and clothes, in order to prevent work accidents and bad injuries.

You should probably try being more aware of your physical health condition if your job is somehow related to possible accidents, and take into consideration even the worst case of health injuries.
Take a look at our suggestions containing pieces of clothing that are able to provide you the best protection and how you can prevent yourself from getting hurt. To be more specific, we have provided a list of the most dangerous jobs and what type of clothes you should wear to avoid health risks.

    • Logging workers
    • Fishers and other work related to fishing
    • Roofers
    • Iron and steel workers
    • Electrical power-line installers
    • Truck drivers
    • Construction laborers
    • Recyclable material collectors

It seems like all of these cases require specific clothing protection. Let’s see what methods of precaution you should use to protect yourself the best way possible.

Steel toe boots

They are durable and provide protective reinforcement that is able to offer a great level of feet protection, although you might complain about their weight and dimensions. But there are plenty of brands that have revolutionized this part of the industry and started creating light weighted safety shoes. If your work involves a lot of walking, it doesn’t make sense wearing uncomfortable heavy boots. It is important to be functional and not to feel exhausted from the very first hours spent at work.

Protective gloves

These gloves are specially created for different work conditions and have a lot of features that keep you away from contacting electrical current. Being made of rubber, latex or nitrile, these gloves can provide insulation against electrical damage and shocks.

Hearing protection

Working with loud devices over the time, extreme noises will lead to hearing damaging and a lot of other related issues with your ears. In this case, a pair of earplugs should solve the problem. They are inexpensive and convenient and are able to provide the right amount of noise reduction.

Hard hats

These helmets are ideal in industrial or construction environments, where the risks of falling objects are anywhere around you. Also, they are effective in case of high amounts of debris, rain and possible contact with an electric shock. Bump caps are also used in some situations, but they are not able to absorb high impact hits. They are light weighted and use a simplified padding and a strap for the chin, and they are usually worn to prevent cranial bumps and bruises.

Dust masks

These masks keep you away from inhaling dust and other toxic odors, generally encountered in cleaning activities and construction environments. Using dust masks is recommended also in case of allergy issues. They are cheap and light and are available in various sizes and color, and also with different available levels of protection. Paint masks or surgical masks, for example, don’t provide protection against dust, each of them come with particular features for particular domains of activity.

Protective glasses

Some work activities may require goggles, side shields or a full face protection and you probably don’t want to risk losing your eyesight. Depending on the job position, you can establish what kind of safety eyewear is appropriate in your situation. Usually, they are made from polycarbonate in order to provide a comfortable wearing and are available in various wrap-style frames. You can even choose a pair with a bifocal segment, which is ideal for people that are over 40 years old and suffer from presbyopia, a normal affection that means losing the near focus ability.


They are a great solution of protecting your entire body in case you are working in dangerous areas where is a high risk of contamination. Nuclear areas, pharmaceutical sites, chemical factories, biological laboratories, and hospitals. Coveralls come with high levels of performance, made from different materials that are able to give you full protection against excessive heat, liquid chemicals, or electrostatic charges that tend to accumulate in your normal outfit.