The Trendiest Celebrity Mens Hairstyles You Can Inspire From

As well as women, men pay attention to the trends inspired by their favorite celebs and try to borrow from their style and posture. Men also love to look refined and elegant, and the right haircut can make them as mysterious and interesting as their famous idols. Luckily for them, nowadays, they can find a great deal of online fashion advice that can inspire their new looks.  If you want a look that is inspired from the celebrity mens hairstyles, here are some of the trendiest examples.

David Beckham’s elegant hairstyles

David Beckham is a style icon and a model for many men who want to look like him, which is why is style is an endless source of inspiration and he is the main topic for various online fashion advice for men. During time, David has gone through many changes, but he always managed to be stylish, elegant and sophisticated. His serious allure made him one of the best looking celebrities who has inspired the masculine trends. The “bad boy” spirit has always been present in his photo shoots and his street style, with haircuts including short hair on the sides and length on the top of the hair.

Adam Brody’s rebel look

Adam Brody shows one of the youngest and most energetic celebrity mens hairstyles from the field. If you have a curly and thick hair, you can achieve his rebel look by wearing your hair ruffled and messy the entire day with the help of an anti-frizz serum and some hair spray.

Be bold and be bald like Tyson Beckford

If you are a brave man and your head shape allows it, you can permanently give up on your hair, such as Tyson Beckford did. Bald men no longer worry about how to arrange their hair and, in addition, are considered to have a sexy and mysterious air. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson and Stanley Tucci are just some of the actors who gave up on their hair.

Keith Urban and his long hair

Long hair is a favorite among celebrity mens hairstyles and it is considered to be a sexy and attractive hairstyle. Country music singer Keith Urban has long and rebel hair and he easily manages to conquer the hearts of his admirers not only because of his voice, but for the sexy and fresh look he displays in his concerts.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his wet hair look

Regardless of the length of your hair type you can adopt licked haircuts with wet hair aspect, so popular among masculine celebrities. This type of haircut has become one of the favorite for international celebrities who use gel to shape the desired hairstyle. The final aspect is sophisticated, as taken out of the box, perfect for a man who likes to always be arranged. Leonardo DiCaprio chose a “sleek” hairstyle that is very cool, giving him an interesting and fashionable aspect.

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