Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Man Cave

A man cave is that particular part of the house that belongs exclusively to a man. Whether is a room designed to gather your mates around and watch sports or play ping pong, or a more personal space, made to collect memorabilia or your collectibles, the man cave should entirely include all of your most cherished possessions and reflect who you are as an individual. There are two types of man caves: the private one and the social one.

The private man cave

The private (personal) man cave is fundamentally the place where you store all your valuable possessions, the collectibles, such as toy cars, sport trophies, cigars or your expensive bottles of whiskeys or wine. It’s a space where a man recharges his mind, a place where he escapes from the outside world to relax. In order to decorate such a man cave, paint your walls a neutral color, install lighting and put up curtains to have a little privacy from the outside world. As far as comfort is concerned, it’s better to keep things as simple and traditional as possible. A leather sofa brings a warm cozy feel to the room. Whether you plan to make your personal cave modern or just keep it classic, you should choose a leather sofa as it has a timeless look and it always looks good in a multitude of styles. Match the sofa with a lounge leather chair which is not only utterly comfortable, but it will also last a lifetime. A man cave also needs a coffee table where you can display your favorite books or rest your legs after an exhausting day at work. In terms of quality and comfort, a wooden table is more permanent and rustic. Finally a man cave needs wall decorations. The collectibles stored on the shelves should be sufficient but you should also consider adding some artwork, a clock or posters of anything you like.

The social man cave

The social room is devoted to entertaining close friends and to group activities. The same as in private man caves, the decor is dark and masculine and the furniture should be comfortable and durable. The only difference is that the social room is more bold and dynamic and there are a variety of items related to the activities you like. The social man caves will include a large flat television, a bar, a pool table and various boardgames or even an indoor bowling if you have enough space. In order to complete the look, decorations are a must. Add posters of your favorite athletes or actors and hang signs on the walls, such as vintage beer ads. Set up the surround sound system for a better sound quality when watching TV with friends, but don’t forget to sound proof the room before installing it. In essence, a social man cave should be comprised of the things you are fond of, meaning your favorite hobbies.

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