Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms

Once you have convinced her to say yes then this is the time when the fun begins. Planing a wedding may be a real headache for both of you. Sometimes there’s so much stress involved in this wedding planning that you cannot deal with it anymore and you crack.  We present to you some wedding planning tips for grooms.

Get involved

If you want her to be happy then don’t leave her take care of everything. Listen to her when she needs comforting. Maybe nature didn’t give you such good taste as it gave it to your wife but you should try to support her emotionally every time you have the chance to do it. Your most important tasks are:

  • Prepare a guest list and suggest where each person should be seated.
  • Buy an engagement ring – think about your bride’s personality, her personal tastes.
  • Choose your wedding attire – This step may take a while if you have special tastes. Don’t leave it for the last week.
  • Apply for the marriage license – As a true man you should be the one who should apply for the marriage license, not your bride.
  • Take care that all the necessary papers such as blood tests and birth certificates to be ready on time.
  • Plan the honeymoon with your bride – you can make her a surprise if you know which is her dream travel destination.
  • Select the wedding rings with your bride – this is an emotional moment for both of you
  • Choose gifts for the bride, the best man and the ushers
  • Prepare your speech

Emotionally support your bride

For anything that your bride may asks you, you should say your true personal opinion. Be open for compromises and don’t leave her frustrate herself until she won’t remember the reason why both of you intend to get married in the first place. Your special task is to remind her everyday why it’s worth the trouble. Tell her that this is a fleeting phase and at some point all the rush will end and you will remain together until the end of the time. Help her have all the things done with a couple of days before the wedding. It would be very thoughtful of you if you could give her a break before the big important day. Don’t make her cook at all – make her relax and spend a romantic evening together.

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