What Does You Car Say about Your Personality?

We often associate a type of car with a type of people. Of course, a car can definitely say a lot about the personality and traits of the owner, but this is not always the case. Before judging someone purely based on the type of vehicle he drives, make sure that he bought that car because he found it suitable in terms of presentation, not just in terms of financial aspects. Also, put in mind that the car color can also say a lot about your personality.

There is a connection between your car and your personality. Here are some generalities:

Small cars

Most people who drive small cars live in a big city and are concerned about the environment and at the same they want to be as economical as possible. Despite being pro-environmental, driving a small car can be very practical when it comes to parking, for example. Small car drivers are not workaholics and they do not try to grab attention. They have a sensitive and delicate personality.

Mid-sized cars

People who drive a mid-sized car (a sedan) are pragmatic and reasonable. Owners are mostly females or homemakers. When the car in question is very expensive, such as a Mercedes or BMW, then the owner is showy and likes to be in the center of attention.

4×4 drivers/truck drivers

4×4 drivers/truck drivers: Those people are more competitive, ambitious and less concerned with the environment. They are not afraid to make a statement. They often come from a larger family and they are aged 40 or younger.

Sports cars

People who drive sports car are adventure seekers. They are energetic and confident. Those who buy expensive cars try to showcase their achievements. They want to let everyone know that they are wealthy and that you can find them only at the top.

It is believed that color can evoke certain emotions or feelings. Other car owners use colors to provoke reactions. A statement can be made based on our color preference and therefore other people are able to perceive us in the way we choose to. Just like in music, your body language and the type of clothes you wear can say a lot about you, the color of your car might also say something about who you are as an individual.


You are a status seeker, outgoing, cordial


You are powerful, bold, assertive


You feel confident, energetic, sporty personality


You are subtle, don’t prefer standing out, elegant


You feel happy in general, idealistic


You are trustworthy, reflective, loyal

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